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Products and Services

  • Facility Pharmacy Services - RFP and Contracting Services, Billing Audits, and Account Management Services

  • PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management)

  • Prescription Rebate Program

  • Pharmacy Billing Audits (Rx Cost Assure)

  • Manufacturer and Group Purchasing Contracts

  • Lab Services and Equipment

  • Therapy Services

  • Wound Care Programs - Artificial Skin

Facility Pharmacy Services


Our expertise in LTC pharmacy services is recognized throughout the industry as leader in these services. Most operators do not understand drug pricing or how pricing is determined. This is where we have been most helpful to facilities and chains in lowering their pharmacy costs. TruEagle LTC will works with facilities to determine the products and services that are important to them and create an RFP based on these areas. Once an RFP is approved by the facility, TruEagle LTC will work with multiple pharmacies to participate in the RFP. Once a pharmacy services provider is chosen, we will create an agreement that is neutral to the facility and the pharmacy not just a pharmacy friendly contract. The pharmacy will provide monthly billing data to TruEagle LTC and TruEagle LTC will verify billing for accuracy. TruEagle will ensure that all pricing is accurate as well as making sure you receive refunds for any overbilling.


With our extensive experience and relationships in  procurement, we have agreements with companies that include literally every area of LTC operations, From building your building to everything that is needed to operate your business, we can help. We have GPO agreements as well as direct agreements we have negotiated that are not available through standard procurement practices. We utilize distributors, wholesalers, and direct shipping from manufacturers.

Pharmacy Prescription Rebates


TruEagle LTC works closely with facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers to negotiate and acquire rebates for branded medications billed to their facility through our aggregation and PBM agreements. Many facilities are not aware these rebates are available to them. Rebates are based on branded medications, so facility size and census are not relevant. We will provide analyses based on your last 3 months of pharmacy billing. 

PBM Services 


Whether you are looking for prescription discount cards, claims adjudication, formulary development and maintenance, pharmacy contracting, negotiating discounts and rebates with drug manufacturers, or processing and paying prescription drug claims, we have options available to fit your needs.

Therapy Services


We realize that food, pharmacy, and therapy are the three areas of spend that effect most facilities revenue more than any other. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changed how skilled nursing facilities are paid for Medicare Part A services. The change impacted how physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services (PT, OT, SLP) are reimbursed and has impacted how providers furnish therapy. 

Our therapy specialists will work with you to devise a program specific to your facility. 

Lab Services


Covid-19 brought challenges to lab services. After working with a large number of facilities and labs, we were approached about lab ownership and joint venture opportunities unlike anything we have ever experienced. We were able to met the needs of all facilities and have been able to create new lab joint venture opportunities for hospitals and nursing home groups. We can help with turnkey operations by supplying all equipment needed, supplies, and staff. Whether you need lab services or would like ownership in a lab, let's discuss and see what would work best for your company.

Wound Care - Artificial Skin Products


TruEagle LTC is contracted with the top five artificial skin manufacturers to provide the best option and coverage for your wound care patients. Some of the services provided with our wound care program include:  

  • On-site staff training

  • Patient benefit verifications

  • Prior authorizations

  • Manage specialized billing of wound care products and applications

  • Confirmation of shipping and receipt of wound care products

  • Accounting services for wound care products including acquisition and payment of wound care products on behalf of your facility

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